7 Ways to Level Up Your Life With Ease

January 13th, 2023

A new year is always filled with hope and promise to start fresh and create a “new you.” To assist you during this season of leveling up, here are a few easy ways you can enhance your lifestyle for an improved you.

Get Your Move On

If your couch cushion is starting to take the shape of your reclined body, it’s time for you to get up and go. It’s easy to get stuck in a reclined-rut, especially when we’re working remotely and your favorite spot is home base for your morning coffee, your Zoom meetings, your dinner, and your nightly Netflix. Make movement a priority! Block out time each day in your calendar to give yourself a break to get up and take a walk, even if it’s just puttering around your apartment. If you’re feeling inspired, sign up for a gym membership down the block to get yourself up and out!


Take a Dance Break

Music you love releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone, so create that playlist with your favorite tunes for a quick and natural pick me up. Throw yourself an impromptu dance party. Take a class at Dance Mission to learn some new moves. Whatever it takes to get your blood pumping, get moving!


Prepare Your Snack Cabinet

It’s easier to avoid the temptation of junk food if you don’t buy it in the first place. Go shopping with a goal to buy healthy snacks to keep yourself satiated during the work day. That way, your inevitable boredom snacking won’t end up as a guilt trip.


Take Five

Don’t forget to breathe! Take five minutes every day for a mental pause. Check in with yourself, give yourself a moment to breathe, reflect, connect, and think. Click here to give yourself a mental health and gratitude check, and try the Insight Timer app to ease meditation into your routine.


List Your Goals

An unwritten goal is just a wish. Think of what you want to accomplish this year and write it down to not only act as a reminder of the action you want to see, but also to hold yourself accountable. For extra points, print one out with a nice font and layout, then frame it for an aesthetic mantra to decorate your room.


Start a New Hobby

Make 2023 the year you actually pick up that hobby you’ve been wanting to try out. Learn to knit! Speak a new language. Start hiking or cooking! Your friends were all on the sourdough bread trend in 2020, who says 2023 can’t be the year you find the best zucchini bread recipe?


Level Up by Powering Down

Help wind your brain down by turning off electronics an hour before bed. Read, meditate, stretch – it’ll help you relax your body and mind so you have an easier time falling and staying asleep. Incorporate Yoga Nidra in your bedtime ritual for deeper relaxation, setting you up for success in the morning. Set your phone to have a yellow light background for the hours before powering down, so you don’t get any of that pesky blue light sneaking in and disrupting your sleep patterns.


Self improvement isn’t an instant change, but these small changes can make a big difference. Make 2023 your year you take charge and level up your life!

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