2023 Astrological Forecast

January 18th, 2023

GreenTree residents were treated with a special Residents-Only event this month, as astrologer Dani Fankhauser provided a preview of the astrology of 2023. Dani Fankhauser is an astrologer and writer who’s been featured in Refinery29, Well+Good, The Cut, PopSugar, and more.

What exactly is astrology?

Most simply, astrology is the study of patterns and looking at patterns in the sky. Astrologers have been mapping cycles for centuries, with one full cycle in the solar system lasting 2,000 years. This practice is then used to help us predict what will happen the next time the planets are aligned in a specific pattern. Fun fact – the chocolate chip cookie, Cheerios and M&M’s were all created with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. What new delicious treat can we look forward to this time?

What does your sign mean?

Your sun sign is what is commonly known as your astrological sign. But it gets so much deeper than being a Pisces or Leo! Everyone has a birth chart based on where and when they were born and where all the planets were at the time of their birth. If you don’t “feel like” the stereotypical Scorpio, check out your birth chart. It can give you more insight into your inner workings.

What’s happening this year?

The overarching theme of 2023 is getting a fresh start and trying something new. However, if 2023 felt like it was off to a slow start, you didn’t imagine it. Mars (planet of action), Uranus (associated with innovation), and Mercury (planet of communication) were all in retrograde, meaning the planets appear to move backward, according to our view from earth. So, if you still feel stuck or just a little off with your communication, it’s ok to blame Mars or Mercury Retrograde!

The good news is, by the end of January, all planets will be going in a direct, forward motion. Meaning things you’ve been working on will finally start picking up in February.

What are some important astrological dates in 2023?

Here are major astrological events to mark on your calendars:
  • March 1: Chiron-Jupiter conjunct in Aries – The combination of the planet most associated with wisdom (Jupiter) and the prominent asteroid Chiron, known as the “Wounded Healer,” gives you a unique opportunity to bring awareness and healing to some area of your life; take time for quiet reflection this day.
  • March 7: Saturn in Pisces (until 2026) – This 3-year period is a time to bring form and structure to your dreams and spiritual inclinations. It’s a fantastic time to cultivate a new morning yoga or meditation routine, tap into your intuition, or begin an ongoing dream journal practice.
  • March 23: Pluto in Aquarius (until 2044) – This transit can bring significant shake-ups and reform to humanitarian efforts, government systems, and technology. While on a personal level, it asks us to consider new ways of connecting to the world around us and will bring lasting changes to our social affiliations.
  • April 20: Solar Eclipse in Aries – Eclipses bring impactful changes, making this a powerful time to make bold moves in some areas of your life. For example, if you want to start a new venture, this is the time to start planning and making it happen.
  • May 5: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – This eclipse may have a touch of drama since it’s also a Full Moon, but it offers revelatory moments if you take time to be alone. Pro-tip: Keep you schedule light on this day.
  • May 16: Jupiter in Taurus (until mid-2024) – Jupiter brings growth to each part of the zodiac he ventures into, and in Taurus, this planet will bring attention to your inner dialogue around worthiness. As this sign is also classically associated with money, it’s bound to bring some notable financial blessings, too.
  • May 17-20:  Fixed Grand Cross, Jupiter & North Node in Taurus oppose the South Node; Mars in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius – These days might be a tad uncomfortable, but they are undoubtedly ripe with potential for personal transformation, especially in terms of career and financial goals.
  • July 17: Nodes to Aries/Libra (until 2025) – The movement of Moon’s mysterious nodal points into Aries/Libra indicates a continuous period that will emphasize personal independence and how it relates to our closest relationships, both personal and professional.
  • July 22-Sept. 3: Venus Retrograde in Leo – If an ex-lover contacts you during these dates, don’t be shocked, it’s just Venus Retrograde. This is not the time for getting married or engaged, making significant financial expenditures, or doing over-the-top beauty treatments (say NO to anything whimsical with your hair!). However, it is an ideal time to revamp your personal style, purge your closet of clothes you never wear, or return to an old creative project or hobby you once set down.
  • October 14: Solar Eclipse in Libra – This is a brilliant moment to gain clarity and get decisive about your relationships. Evaluate what and who is important to you.
  • October 28: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Typically, a culmination around finances and career is indicated. Skip packing your schedule on this day with things to do.


What if I want to go deeper?

If you want a deeper understanding, check out Dani’s website or subscribe to her blog. You can even get a personalized Flash Reading if you have a specific question about something new going on in your life.

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