Five Things To Do Before You Head Out For Summer Vacation

July 20th, 2022

Summer is here and we know you are excited to head out on your well-deserved vacation! To make your trip as smooth as possible, we want to remind you of some small but important steps you can take before you hit the road, to ensure a safe and easy arrival back home. So here is your Pre-Vacation Checklist:

1. Hold Your Mail

Going away for a lengthy period? Consider holding your mail via USPS. By heading over to Hold Mail – Stop Mail Delivery Online | USPS you can hold your mail while you vacation for up to 30 days. This can help prevent an overflowing mailbox as well as safeguard any important documents or packages that you may or may not be expecting to receive.

2. Close and Lock Your Windows

This can help prevent significant water damage on the rare occasion we get a sprinkle in the city or Karl the Fog comes in extra heavy. It also can be a huge deterrent for any type of intruder (think: rogue pigeons).

3. Report Any Needed Repairs To Maintenance

Make sure to submit a work order for any leaky faucets in the kitchen or bathroom, this will help keep your water bill under control and conserve water. Reach out to your Resident Manager in your building if you have any questions about this.

4.Power Down

Turn off or unplug any appliances that are unnecessary to keep on while you are away. Why not save on your gas/electric bill while you are out of town? We are all for energy-saving, whenever possible.

5. Throw It Out!

Empty out your fridge. Take your trash and recycling out. No need to ruin that post-vacation bliss with an extra chore to do (or a funky smell in kitchen). You can thank us later!

Now that you have got these small essential reminders, you are ready for takeoff! We are wishing you an amazing adventure this summer and will see you when you get back.

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