Creating a Harmonious Home with Design Expert Salvatore Manzi

July 13th, 2023

Looking for a few ways to make your cozy abode feel bigger and brighter? We teamed up with Mindfully Design host and Feng Shui expert Salvatore Manzi to provide you with pro-tips on how to make your space feel more spacious and inviting. From simple home furniture additions to small tweaks in lighting, you’ll be surprised at just how much a little bit of love goes a long way. Put these into practice to create a more Zen environment at home!


Utilize upward light via lower-placed floor and table lamps to create a feeling of expansion in a smaller room. Bright overhead lighting can reduce the appearance of a space.


Strategically place mirrors to create the optical illusion of more space throughout your home. Feng shui principles suggest that if you want your place to feel more inviting, ditch any mirrors that face the door, as they tend to repel energy. Dually, mirrors are not recommended in the bedroom as they tend to reflect energy and sound, which can disrupt sleep.


Create a “roundabout” in your living space that allows for energy to circulate. Use a round coffee table or furniture with rounded edges to avoid cutting off the flow of a space.


Hang larger statement art pieces with dimension to make a smaller space feel larger. Try landscapes or ocean views! Manzi also suggests hanging visual that invokes a feeling of inspiration or peacefulness.


A suggestion for the singles looking to mingle: Make sure both sides of the bed are accessible and free of obstructions and make sure to have two pillows and dual nightstands. This creates the space for a partner to enter your life!


While Salvatore has an entire course on the topic, we were lucky enough receive two golden work-from-home guidelines from him. “Having your desk face an area with minimal distractions to increase focus is ideal,” he shared, “while using plants or other objects to create a feeling of separation between your living and workspace can be important in helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

By following Salvatore’s tips, you can create an environment that nourishes your mind, body, and soul by optimizing energy flow and creating a sense of harmony. Take a step back, evaluate your space, and transform your apartment into a sanctuary that supports your well-being and invites positive energy into your life. Visit his website for more ideas on how to “Mindfully Design” your place. Can’t get enough? Pick up his helpful book, which combines Law of Attraction and Feng Shui principles. Buy Now

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