Classic Ways to Enjoy a Sunny Day in San Francisco

September 12th, 2022


San Francisco summer tends to come in September, so the warmest days of our year have just started to set in. Wondering how to enjoy the warmest days of the year? We’ve got a few suggestions for you below!

1. Set up a blanket in Dolores Park. This area is full of life on a summery day, with groups of people from all walks of life listening to music, sunbathing, and enjoying the warm Mission-Dolores weather. Head over to Bi-Rite market around the corner to pick up some tasty local bread or cheese for a picnic, or grab a decadent ice-cream cone at their Creamery across the street.




2. Bring some friends or a good book down to the Marina Green, which has incredible views of the Bay and is ideal if you have a furry friend that wants to join as well. It can be fun to set up a picnic, or make a plan to roam over to the plethora of restaurants on Chestnut Street at the end of the day for dinner and drinks.


3. Take a walk through the Presidio and make your way to Land’s End, which hosts some of the most breath-taking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin and Pacific Ocean. It is not uncommon on this magical hike to spot hawks flying overhead, as well as pods of dolphins swimming in the Bay below.




4. Golden Gate Park features so many options for those seeking sunshine adventure. If you are in the mood to socialize, set up at a table and barbeque at Hellman Hollow and enjoy a cold sparkling beverage. For those seeking exercise, run or walk the JFK 5k Loop—where you can wave to the local Buffalo on your way! An alternative for those on a slower roll or with kiddos would be a leisurely stroll around Stow Lake.


5. If you are up for a short drive, head over to Fort Funston. While the weather here can be more windy than other parts of the city, the pristine beauty is well worth the extra breeze. There is a sand ladder and beach on one side of the park, perfect for walking dogs or lounging on a blanket with friends, while the other side of the park features sand trails that all lead to ocean views.




6. Relax in Alamo Square Park. Impress any out-of-town friends with the exceptional downtown San Francisco views from the East side of the park and gaze out at the well-known “Painted Ladies,” which are iconic examples of San Francisco’s unique architectural style.


7. Slightly lesser known to tourists, head up to Corona Heights Park to soak up some 360 views and take an epic photo or two. This is another spot to bring your pooch, however, be aware that there are occasional coyotes that roam around. While there are not many spots to sit and relax, this park makes a great short city hike. When you are done taking photos and breathing in the fresh air, head down to Haight Street to catch a bite and indulge in some of the best shopping in city.



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