3 Reasons Your Apartment Doesn’t Feel Right and 6 Quick Solutions

March 26th, 2019

Karizma Brings Good Energy to San Francisco

Living in San Francisco means learning how to maximize available living space. But sometimes, no matter how hard San Franciscans try, things don’t quite feel right. Luckily, one San Francisco retailer knows how to diagnose – then remedy – those problems.

Karizma, located on Church Street near Duboce Triangle, is a neighborhood institution specializing in creating good energy for the residents of San Francisco for over 20 years. The sign out front describes its offerings as crystals, beads, and jewelry, but owner Momo, also offers personalized Feng Shui readings and crystal remedies that make spaces vibrant, comfortable, and filled with good energy.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a way of controlling energy through conscious placement of objects in an environment. This energy, called qi or chi (pronounced ‘chee’), can apply to any size object from a small table to an entire building. According to Momo, properly flowing qi makes minds clearer, moods happier, and helps people reach their goals.

But bringing good qi is not always easy in a city like San Francisco – in part because of the city’s historic, but unfavorable, architecture. “You are often opening doors and facing bathrooms or kitchens [in San Francisco] …that is very bad Feng Shui,” elaborates Momo. Victorian houses may be beautiful, but they often “have bad sides,” with harsh angles that affect positive qi.

You can’t remodel your apartment units or buildings, but luckily for us, Momo has a few Feng Shui recommendations to bring good qi to any home:

Common Feng Shui Apartment Decorating Mistakes

  • Bay Windows
    Everyone loves the classic bay windows in San Francisco apartments, but they often aren’t straight and missing corners, which is bad for qi.

    Solution: Put a mirror facing outward in those missing corner areas.

  • Mirrors
    Mirrors are a common design accessory in most apartments but can act as a powerful magnifier of bad qi. “Mirrors reflect different angles of bad qi,” clarifies Momo. They are especially bad in bedrooms, because they can affect one’s sleep and even pregnancy.

    Solution: It is best to have no mirrors in your bedroom, but if you do, it is good to cover them up when not in use with a drape or cloth.

  • TV in Bedroom
    There is nothing better than lounging in bed and catching up on your favorite TV shows after a long day at work. Unfortunately, you run the risk of inviting bad qi into your bedroom if your TV is facing your bed.

    Solution: Make sure to cover the TV at night before going to sleep.

Other Feng Shui Fixes

  • Rearrange and Remove
    By removing or rearranging objects that can block good energy, like furniture or wall hangings, you can create a better flow for qi.

  • Consult the Color Map
    Use the Feng Shui Bagua map (below), which is a tool used to map out the energy in your space with eight important areas of your life like money, love, and career. By mapping out these areas in your apartment using this map, you then can enhance your energy and be more intentional.

  • The Standbys
    When in doubt, wind chimes or crystals are great ways to bring positive qi to your space, no matter what the layout, as long as the crystals are placed in the correct position.

Let’s be honest, finding the right apartment and maximizing its energy in San Francisco can be a challenge. But you don’t have to do it alone. Once you’ve found the perfect apartment your Zen living space is a few simple fixes away with Momo’s knowledge.

Through her personalized Feng Shui readings, Momo helps her clients diagnose their issues and work to optimize good qi. She starts by removing or rearranging objects that block good energy to create a better flow and to push out the bad or stuck qi. She then suggests colors for the space or a particular person (because wearing colors in opposition to your personal qi can have negative effects). In simple terms, Feng Shui is a way to invite good energy and avoid bad energy by sending out your message to the universe.

You can visit Karizma at 262 Church Street. M-F 12pm-7pm or by appointment. Karizma is also offering readers a 20% discount on Feng Shui readings.

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