Ride off into the Sunset, where the surfers tame the waves, fog or shine. This Golden Gate Park adjacent neighborhood is so big, it is divided into Inner and Outer Sunset – with 9th and Irving serving as the commercial corridor of the former. Further toward the ocean, Irving transforms into an area that locals call the city’s third Chinatown.

Bonfires at Ocean Beach, dumplings on Irving, picnics in Golden Gate Park – these are a few of your favorite things when you live that Sunset life. This foggy enclave of SF natives, surfers and university students is a down-to-earth district with plenty of outdoorsy appeal. The Sunset has all the diverse dining and cocktailing options of more central districts, with the convenience of quieter living.

Tale of two neighborhoods; Inner Sunset and Outer Sunset are very distinct parts of a far-reaching city district. Walk along Ocean Beach, check out the local Chinatown, and live the quiet life in the Outer Sunset. Shop for summer boots (this is SF), graze the sushi scene, or get cozy in a pub in Haight-adjacent Inner Sunset - the livelier of the two. Inner and Outer Sunset are well connected via MUNI.

If you’re looking for a home where the buffalo roam and the skies are a bit cloudy all day, the Sunset is your new stomping ground. Aside from the awe-inspiring bison in Golden Gate Park, there are many attractions that keep long-term locals, students, and new arrivals stampeding to this diverse area. Check out Chinese cuisine along Irving, tap into the Irish pubs along Taraval, run with the herd at the SF Zoo or flock to Ocean Beach for a head-clearing walk along the coast.

The Sunset is the best of both worlds - suburban charm and urban amenities. Divided into “Inner” and “Outer,” the two neighborhoods share proximity to nature; Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park are two beacons for fresh-air lovers. For lovers of the indoors, Irving and Taraval boast plenty of excellent places to eat, drink and be merry.

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