Haight Ashbury

Famous for being the epicenter of the Summer of Love, The Haight, a.k.a. Haight-Ashbury, still has hint of that hippie vibe of the ‘60s. Nowadays, it also has great shopping and dining.

Easy access to Golden Gate Park makes the Haight a favorite for urban dwellers with a healthy hankering for the great outdoors.

Fragments of flower power and hippie heyday remnants remain, but the Haight-Ashbury of today is a whole new scene. Chic boutiques, high-end vintage-clothing shops, second-hand stores, and hip restaurants have all settled in, making the Haight one of San Francisco's most popular retail strolls.

Haight-Ashbury is home to urban dreamers and “outside the box” thinkers. Color-soaked Victorians, nostalgic shops and funky cafes are magnets for tourists and seekers. Quell your happy hour cravings at Hobson’s Choice, slip into vintage threads at Wasteland, or b.y.o. bongos to a hippie hill jam session. The Haight dances to its own drummer.

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