Bringing Modern Innovations to Classic Buildings

July 5th, 2022

Living in a classic San Francisco building means you get the excitement of city living, the look and feel of Victorian era homes, and architectural beauty that locals love. What could be better? That’s where Proptech, or Property Technology, comes in. With RentSFNow, you’ll get iconic charm and modern living with upgraded interiors, updated appliances, and “digital amenities” you never even knew you needed.

Bilt Rewards: Get Rewarded for Paying Rent

We use credit cards all the time. Whether it’s to avoid putting cash upfront or to get rewarded with points, credit cards are a convenient way to pay for our purchases. Why shouldn’t we have those same benefits for paying our biggest monthly expense? With Bilt, you can pay your rent with no fees, and earn rewards at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Bilt Rewards is the first resident rewards program that lets you earn points just by paying rent, with zero risk for late payments. With the Bilt Mastercard, you can earn even more points for other daily purchases like dining and travel. Use your points to pay for airline travel, fitness classes, or even next month’s rent. One San Francisco resident and Bilt-enthusiast, Riley H., is most excited about getting 3x the points while using the Bilt Mastercard on food purchases. With saved up points, Riley purchased two round-trip flights to New York!

Carson Living: Smart Intercom Access with the Touch of a Button

In many older apartment buildings, the intercom at your front gate is connected to an intercom box in your living room. With RentSFNow buildings, these intercoms are instead connected to your cellphone, allowing you to provide access for guests and deliveries into the building from anywhere you can accept a phone call.

Always eager to improve the status quo, RentSFNow installed Carson Living in some of its buildings – with more being added soon! With Carson, the standard intercom experience is enhanced with a virtual doorman. Carson can help if you’ve been locked out, missed a package delivery, or have a visitor coming when you’re unavailable to answer the call. With the resident app, you can unlock a variety of convenient and secure features, including online payments, maintenance requests, and camera view of your building’s intercom to see who’s calling at the door.

Envoy: No Car? No Problem

Parking is a hot commodity in San Francisco, and the costs can add up. You could lease a car, pay for monthly insurance, pay for parking a few blocks away, or just hope for the best when coming home late on a Friday night and looking for a spot on the street. Or, you could rent a car with Envoy – whenever you want, for as long as you want. RentSFNow partnered with Envoy, an electric car-sharing service that provides electric vehicles to communities for affordable, convenient, and sustainable transportation options – just steps away from your front door. With Envoy, you only need your smart phone to reserve and pay for a vehicle for a few minutes, a few hours, or even the whole day. After your trip, simply park the vehicle pack into its designated parking spot and go on with your day.

Rinse and Tumble: Laundry for the Lazy (or Busy!)

Say goodbye to laundry day with Rinse, the on-demand, contact-free laundry delivery service. Living in a RentSFNow building means you’ll never need to set foot in a laundromat again. Schedule pick up, cleaning, folding, and delivery straight to your door right from your smartphone. Rinse is available to all RentSFNow residents – no matter which building you pick!

If you’re more hands-on and just want a more secure and convenient way to do your own laundry, Tumble is here to help. Tumble modernizes laundry rooms so you can do it all with your smartphone. Skip the old way, where you had to lug laundry and quarters down to the laundry room, only to discover all the machines are taken, and when you finally do get your load started, you have to make sure you’re around just in time for the switch to the (hopefully available) dryers. With Tumble, you can check machine availability, reserve a machine, check cycle progress, lock your machine and even pay, all through the Tumble app. Ask your Leasing Agent if the apartments you’re interested in are equipped with Tumble Laundry Rooms.

PetScreening: We Love Tolerate Paperwork

What better way to keep your adorable fluffball’s paperwork organized than by keeping documents in the cloud? PetScreening can help you keep track of vaccination records, microchip information, and breed and physiological details with a digital passport, so you can eliminate one more folder from your bottomless desk drawer. You can use this passport while signing a lease in your new apartment, taking your pet to the vet, or even signing up for animal daycares. Questions? RentSFNow’s Leasing Team will help walk you through the process to make sure lease signing is that much less painful.

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