Mission Dolores

What’s in a name? Mission Dolores and its namesake park pack a lot of charm into a small, Inner Mission footprint. Surrounded by rolling hills, this sheltered area is sunnier than many other areas. This relative warmth brings beer-cooler toting crews, tennis players, and dog-walkers to Dolores Park year-round.

Nearby Bi-Rite Creamery has a fanatical following (both locals and tourists line up in droves for their salted caramel ice cream), and a pit-stop here makes your trip to the park that much sweeter.

A relatively small part of the Mission District, one of the perks of Mission Dolores neighborhood is its microclimate: it’s sunnier and warmer than most. Its scenic nature is also appealing – Dolores Street is shaded by imported palm trees and lined with grand old Victorians, creating a tropical-yet-refined vibe. The neighborhood is almost entirely residential, with a few corner stores, laundromats, and watering holes popping up here and there.

Bounded on the north by Market Street and the famed Highway 101, and on the south by 20th Street, the community is in the very heart of the Mission. To the east and west, Mission Dolores is bordered by Duboce Triangle and the Castro. Served by MUNI and BART (and popular with bike commuters), it’s a perfect spot to be based as you explore the city’s other celebrated neighborhoods and attractions.