Ingleside is as comfy as an old pair of sneakers – but thankfully, this appealing area smells so much better than your gym bag. No offense. Ingleside has a down-to-earth, practical vibe that fits like a glass slipper. Anchored by City College and Balboa Park, with plenty of A-plus academic credentials, this studious area knows how to have fun.

To get a feel for this tightknit community, make an appearance at one of the IT Bookman Community Center’s fish fries, crab boils, or pancake breakfasts. The Ingleside Heights sundial is a perfect spot to take visitors who appreciate an authentic SF experience that puts Fisherman’s Wharf to shame. The nearby Cow Palace hosts a variety of events, from hemp conventions to rodeos. Beep’s is there for those days when a no-frills, greasy burger is all you crave to soak up the previous night’s excesses or prime you for your next night on the town. Speaking of which… How ‘bout Thai happy hour? Head to April Nine, a former pizza/burrito hole-in-the-wall that locals now flock to for killer pad thai, pumpkin curry, and green tea crème brulee.

Whether you’ve just moved here or have been hanging out in Ingleside long enough to feel like a local, you’ll be sure to make friends at local dive Randy’s Place. The Ave Bar is another local nightlife option where loyal patrons find they have plenty to chat about after a few whiskies.

The J-Church MUNI line and BART have stops at Balboa Park, and the K-line runs directly through Ocean Avenue, although both of those are a long ride from the center of the city (BART being the fastest by far). Traffic isn’t heavy in this area, so parking is not as much of a challenge as in other parts of town.

Properties in Ingleside

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