Wakey, wakey, selfie takey! Rise and shine in this ethnically diverse and vibrant enclave where the options for post-able sunrise strolls are as plentiful as breakfast burrito venues. Excelsior, SF’s southernmost area, is adjacent to wild-around-the-edges McLaren park and a golf course, and is chock-full of interesting tidbits suited for intrepid urban explorers. Street art is omnipresent, the vibe is laid-back, and greasy spoon diners still serve as community gathering spots. The location offers easy access to some of SF’s most popular areas, like Bernal Heights and the Mission.

Fancy yourself a gastronaut? Split a banh mi from Ty Sandwich with your bestie, then carry your food tour on over to Los Planes De Renderos for a quick pupusa fix. Taco Tuesday? Head to Taqueria Reina’s and feel like a queen (or king) as you snack on your (almost) mid-week munchies. Ride your bikes around for a bit and when hunger strikes again, settle into a booth at Maneelap Srimongkoun, a Lao restaurant (named after a Lao monk who’s a friend of the family and who blessed the restaurant over the phone.) Nightcaps at the Doctor’s Lounge are optional, but rest assured that their shots ‘won’t make you cry.’ Feel free to take it slow, because the pace in Excelsior is decidedly unhurried.

The Excelsior is pretty far out there, and the locals like it that way. Removed from the downtown bustle, this freeway and public transportation connected area is a bit of a hidden gem. With Glen Park and Bernal Heights to the north, Balboa Park to the west, Bayview to the east, and John McLaren Park to the south, the Excelsior is well positioned to get commuters where they need to go (especially those of the tech persuasion heading toward Silicon Valley). The Excelsior offers immediate access to a dozen different MUNI lines and residents may take their pick of the Glen Park and Balboa Park BART stations. The borough’s southerly location and quick access to San Francisco’s versatile freeways means that the entire Bay Area is within easy reach.

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