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How long have I been an agent? I started leasing San Francisco apartments in 1997. I’ve been a RentSFNow agent since 2020.

What’s my favorite hidden gem in the city or East Bay? So many hidden gems throughout the city it’s hard to pick. 1690 North Point is off the beaten path and I love the peaceful location so close to the water. It’s one of my favorite buildings.

What do I love best about my job? All the great views that are in so many different neighborhoods keep me appreciating the beauty of the city.

My most memorable leasing experience – A client opened the blinds of an apartment with spectacular golden gate views and giggled like a child on Christmas. I knew we found her apartment.

Why should you choose to work with me? It’s super easy to schedule appointments with me using my self scheduling calendar on Calendly. I’m always researching apartments that aren’t on the market yet, so I find apartments that aren’t listed anywhere.

Why should you choose RentSFNow? We have beautiful apartments all over the city. Our buildings are clean and well maintained.

A notable award or recognition I have – I was the Fremont Boys Club “Boy of the Year” in 1981!

Fun fact about me – I was a cook in the US Navy just like Steven Seagal in Under Siege

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