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Michael Simpson

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How long have I been an agent? Over 6 years

What’s my favorite hidden gem in the city or East Bay? Miller’s Rest on Sutter

What do I love best about my job? Staying on my feet and not being static, meeting new people, and helping people find their ideal apartment.

My most memorable leasing experience – The first client I ever leased to got a nice efficiency studio. A couple months later, I ran into him and he had gotten a very strange looking dog. I asked him what breed it was, and he said “It’s a Great Dane Puppy!” I couldn’t believe it. Obviously, he couldn’t keep a dog that big in his apartment.

Why should you choose to work with me? I feel like I am pretty easy to work with, and can answers questions and concerns quickly and knowledgably.

Why should you choose RentSFNow? I have been told time and time again that we have the best website, the best office team, and the best renovated units in the most iconic locations. And our agents are easy to work with.

A notable award or recognition I have – I was asked to present to Northwestern University on ‘Leasing Essentials’

Fun fact about me – I used to run a care home before I got into leasing.

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