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How long have I been an agent? After serving as Leasing Coordinator in RentSFNow’s administrative office for over a year, I transitioned to the role of Leasing Agent in May 2022.

What’s my favorite hidden gem in the city or East Bay? One of the best parts of my job is stumbling into new places in between tours. Case in point: my first time touring in North Beach was followed by a visit to Caffe Greco, and it has since become one of my favorite spots to work on my laptop and answer emails. If you find yourself in the Italian-inspired coffee shop, be sure to order the delicious sacripantina cake – it pairs perfectly with a cup of café au lait!

What do I love best about my job? Without a doubt, the best part about being a leasing agent is YOU. In San Francisco, we are grateful to live in a global city with people from all over the world. My diverse and varied conversations with prospects have undoubtedly shaped the way I approach my work, teaching me about the dynamic and distinctive cultural backgrounds that make us who we are. In many ways, my clients inspire me to approach my work from a lens of inclusivity and compassion, reminding me that everyone is moving to San Francisco during a different point in their lives and for unique reasons. Whether moving for a new job, navigating complex life situations such as a divorce or roommate split, and so much more, being a leasing agent challenges me to engage sensitively with my clients, and to meet them where they are in their search for a new home.

My most memorable leasing experience – I am fortunate to have had many memorable experiences as an agent, but I am reminded of two newlyweds with whom I worked last summer. Originally from the Midwest, the pair had lifelong dreams of moving to San Francisco, but they weren’t quite sure what they were looking for, or which neighborhood “spoke” to them. I worked on and off with the clients for about three months, until they finally secured a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in Noe Valley, which featured panoramic city views, and vistas of Diamond Heights. I’ll never forget their reaction the moment we stepped into the apartment: holding each other, in tears, they looked at me and said, “David, this is it. This is our new home.” Experiences like this are one of the many reasons I am grateful to be a leasing agent.

Why should you choose to work with me? At RentSFNow, we are fortunate to have a talented, knowledgeable, and compassionate team of leasing agents, and our individual work approach is informed by a wide range of factors and experiences. As a past nonprofit professional, I approach my work from a lens of authenticity and service—I truly believe that, in today’s culture, prospects are not looking for a typical salesperson to “sell” them on an apartment; they are looking for someone honest, genuine, and sensitive to their individual lifestyles, needs, and desires. I take this work close to heart — if you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, that’s ok too! Let’s grab a coffee and look at our options.

Why should you choose RentSFNow? First and foremost, when you choose RentSFNow, you open the door of possibilities as our inventory is unmatched by any other rental company in San Francisco. Whether you are looking for a sunny one-bedroom apartment in the Mission or a two-bedroom in North Beach (the list goes on!), we likely have many options for you. And plus, what better way to explore these beautiful neighborhoods and apartments than with a RentSFNow agent? We try our best to serve as a friend and guide throughout the leasing process.

A notable award or recognition I have – In my first seven months as a Leasing Agent, I am grateful and honored to have won the company’s Leasing and Sales Excellence Award for 2022.

Fun fact about me – Prior to my role at RentSFNow, I worked in a marketing and public relations role for one of the country’s most celebrated symphony orchestras. I’m also a trained vocalist and always happy to talk musical theater or the performing arts!

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