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Featured Property: 355 Staten

Open House Sat 7/20 10AM – 10:30AM

Mingle with Nature in this Oakland Building

This lively building speaks for the upbeat neighborhood of Adams Point. Whether you want to take a stroll past Lake Merritt or hop on BART and head to work, this apartment is where you want to be. Located right in the center of Oakland’s hotspots, this family-friendly pad has it all. From brand new interiors to old school charm, it’s an all-around classic.

Featured Building: 324 Larkin

324 Larkin commands a special place in San Francisco’s rich, storied history as a center for the LGBTQ community. In 1978, the rainbow flag – the now-iconic symbol of LGBTQ pride, created and sewed by activist Gilbert Baker – entered the public consciousness when it flew prominently in front of City Hall, replacing two of the usual flags. Legend has it that the covert operation, which took place under cover of darkness, was headquartered in the basement at nearby 324 Larkin.

In 1992, Bill Jones – the first single (and gay) man in California to adopt a child, in 1969, and an LGBTQ civil rights activist – purchased 324 Larkin from its previous owners. At the time, the area around City Hall was undergoing considerable change. Already a fixture in the news as the seat of San Francisco government, the neighborhood was receiving extra attention from media and tourists for construction at the Asian Art Museum and new main branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

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A Magic Speakeasy Tucked in San Francisco

July 16, 2019

When Andrew Evans moved to his San Francisco apartment in 2013 he didn’t see his backyard as your average dog run or late-night smoke spot. He saw it as an opportunity to produce an out of this world experience to escape the hustling city and settle in with the world of magic. Two years later, Evans’ backyard was converted to the Magic Patio – an elaborate 45-person theatre complete with a bar and a secret entrance that doubled as his bedroom. Evans believes that guests are enticed by the secrecy surrounding the event. From the invite-only guest list to the mysterious address in the Mission, The Magic Patio is bound to give you major speak-easy vibes.