Relocation Services

Moving to a new city for a job or on an assignment is a thrill. Getting there and finding a place is…another story. Whether here for the short-term or the long haul, our Relocation Consultants work hard to ensure that your employee’s lives (and their families’) are much easier during the transition.

RentSFNow is one of San Francisco’s preeminent residential leasing companies, with the largest collection of apartment buildings in town. We own, lease and manage more than 4,000 units in 250+ San Francisco buildings. With RentSFNow’s comprehensive portfolio of the city’s most eligible apartments, we have the resources and experience to help your employees find a one-of-a-kind place to call home. From charming Victorians to contemporary lofts, we represent buildings with character and history as well as sleek, modern construction. We offer furnished and unfurnished properties with long and short-term leases.

Why You Should Relocate with Us

RentSFNow offers a wide range of services to tenants. We partner with well-known companies in San Francisco to offer discounts on your favorite services, including:

  • Waived security deposits
  • Rent discounts
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Discounts with more than 30 local businesses such as Luxe, Zipcar, Munchery, Rinse etc.
  • Apartment customization
  • Preview of upcoming inventory
  • Access to additional partner deals

Our management company, Greentree Property Management, professionally manages our portfolio. Your employees will be taken care of by our Relocation Consultants and our Property Managers throughout the term of their stay with us.

We’re with You at Every Step of the Move

Our Relocation Services Consultants offer a full spectrum of services to your employees.

Pre-Move Consultation

One of our relocation consultants will contact your transferee within eight business hours for a pre-move consultation. This will include:

  • Going over family details, interests and needs
  • Relocation information to help outline research parameters
  • Educational requirements, if school-age children are involved
  • Outlining type of residence preferred for better search results
  • Discussion of arrival time, pickup time and place, and mode of transportation
  • Listing documents and forms necessary for the move
  • Providing options for temporary living arrangements, if necessary

Area Tour

An area tour can be a half or full-day arrangement. Our Relocation Consultant will pick up your transferees at their desired location for an area tour that will include:

  • An overview of the local housing market
  • Locations of leisure, entertainment, dining and more
  • An overview of historic places of interest, family activity areas, public transportation, and medical facilities

Home Finding/Lease Signing Assistance

Our Relocation Consultants will provide an itinerary that includes appointments to view housing tailored to meet the employee’s specific budget guidelines and rental requirements. They will:

  • Complete a needs assessment based on assignee’s unique criteria
  • Review the properties selected from those provided and confirm a good match
  • Educate on market availability and prices
  • Plan an itinerary and a consultant-led view of properties selected
  • Host a Q&A with property managers about the specific details of the unit
  • Provide a detailed, documented condition of the property

Settling In Services for International Transferees

Our Relocation Consultants will offer to assist with setting up the following day-to-day services:

  • Bank account setup
  • Government registrations
  • Driver’s license, auto registration and insurance
  • Mobile phone carrier selection
  • Medical care
  • Information about shopping, dining, entertainment, and leisure activities
  • Furniture and housewares suggestions

Temporary Housing

RentSFNow offers more than 200 fully furnished apartments in various sizes and locations. To facilitate a smooth transition, your transferee may choose to rent a temporary apartment while searching for the perfect permanent home. These apartments require a 30-day minimum stay, and our Relocation Services consultant will:

  • Preselect several options for transferee
  • Assist with furnished lease signing
  • Provide move-in and move-out assistance

Departure Services

Upon completion of transferee’s assignment, our Relocation Services consultant will:

  • Assist with lease termination, return of security deposit, and negotiate issues
  • Coordinate move-out inspection
  • Assist with disconnection of utilities, telephone service, and cable service

For more information, please contact:

Todd Fries | (415) 903-6812